MARCH 08 – IN MOTION Release Second Lyric Video


Today, Friday the 8th of March 2019 at 5pm CET, Progressive Metallers IN MOTION, the brand new project by Tom Tee (THORIUM, ENTERING POLARIS, ex-OSTROGOTH, 23 ACEZ,…), will release their second lyric video. 

The song you’ll hear is called ‘THRIVE’. It’s taken from the debut album ‘Thriving Force’ and features guest vocals by David Davidson (REVOCATION) and Björn Strid (SOILWORK).

Founder IN MOTION Tom Tas explains: “THRIVE was conceived as a powerful, upbeat, energetic and generally uplifiting kind of song. It’s about Man’s rise through the centuries and millennia as we explore our planet, our own human nature, and ultimately our universe. Musically, the track reels you this way and that, moving rapidly through a plethora of riffs, tempos and key changes. I get a real kick out of this tune, and I hope you will too!”

The In Motion album ‘Thriving Force’ was released through Freya Records on February 22nd 2019.